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Oregon Public Records Laws and Concealed Weapon Licenses


Mail Tribune, Inc. v. Winters (A139107) (See also Court of Appeals Media Release dated 6/23/10)


The Jackson County Sheriff appeals a judgment declaring that all concealed handgun licenses issued by the Sheriff of Jackson County are public records and ordering the sheriff to disclose a list of all concealed handgun licenses issued in the county in 2006 and 2007. On de novo review, ORS 192.490(1); ORS 19.415(3) (2007),(1) we affirm, because the requested documents are public records and the sheriff failed to establish that the public records are exempt from disclosure. ORS 192.410-192.529; see Guard Publishing Co. v. Lane County School Dist., 310 Or 32, 39, 791 P2d 854 (1990) (disclosure of public records is the rule and public bodies must prove individualized bases for exemptions)….” (Link to full case.)

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Link to Oregon public records laws at the DOJ website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When the case was filed, most of the Sheriffs in Oregon amended their CHL applications to specifically address the question of whether a CHL holder obtained the CHL as a security measure, and also whether the holder wanted the document to be confidential or not. The results were overwhelmingly in support of confidentiality. In light of that, this case has little practical effect in most counties as the Sheriff will have individual information to support non-disclosure of records.

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