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Oregon Revised Statutes: 1953-1967 Now Online & Publicly Accessible (Free)


Thanks to Oregon Legislative Counsel (and the Oregon Supreme Court and the State of Oregon Law Library) and the Washington County Law Library staff (read about this project in previous Gutbuster blog posts), the superseded ORS editions are appearing online.

Currently, 1953-1967 are at the Oregon Legislature’s website under “Selected Archives of the Oregon Revised Statutes” at the Bills/Laws website.

Very soon you’ll see the 1995 to the present and by the end of the year you’ll see 1969-1993. (That component of the scanning project is also being done by the Washington County Law Library staff as time and money permit. The current goal is to complete the scanning by June 2012, but it is possible that deadline may not be met.  But the law library will send the data as it is completed to Legislative Counsel so keep your eyes posted to the Legislature’s website.)

NOTE: If you detect missing data in the database, please let us know!  You can leave a Comment to this blog post or email

Missing pages are concentrated primarily in 1953 and 1977, where we had missing chapters and volumes, but there will be missing chapters in a couple other sets.

There are only 2 (maybe 3) perfect or near-perfect sets of the superseded ORSs in the state and we could not scan from them so we used the only available almost-near-perfect set for scanning.  We are filling in the gaps, some at the time of scanning, but most we’ll fill in later since we didn’t want to hold up the bulk of the project while searching for scannable copies of the missing pages.

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