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Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Copyright: The Sound and the Fury (signifying what?*)


Revised post: Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Legislative Counsel Copyright Dispute

Everybody loves a summary, so start here, at BoleyBlogs. Then …

I’m relatively new to Oregon so was wondering what happens next, i.e. after the motion was passed on 6/19/08 by the Legislative Counsel Committee that disclaims any copyright claim or action to enforce it. My questions were:

1) Would the motion be put in writing and if so, where does one find it? [Answer: No. The (analog) audio tape is it. It will not be put into writing.] [Keep in mind, that audio tapes from not that long ago can no longer be played – no equipment or tape deterioration.]

2) Since it’s (just) a motion by a legislative committee, is there any Legislative action that needs to be taken to make this decision final? [Answer, no. Sometimes there is action that needs to be taken, but not in this case.]

Now, this is all somewhat connected to the Say Farewell to Oregon Legislative History “Minutes” Online concerns I posted about way back.

Just asking.

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*… full of sound and fury ….

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