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Revised Link to the “Revised FAPA Benchguide 2006” (and other Oregon domestic violence resources)


I recently had a question about restraining orders, which sent me looking up information about Oregon’s Family Abuse and Prevention Act, known as FAPA. In the process, I realized that our blog’s link to the useful “Revised FAPA Benchguide 2006” had moved far, far away – well, just to the Oregon Judicial Department’s FAPA forms website. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to the .pdf.

The State of Oregon FAPA forms on that same page may also be of interest, although it is important to first see if you local circuit court has FAPA forms specific to your county. If they do exist, they are usually found in the Family Law section of the website. For instance, the Washington County Circuit Court’s restraining order forms can be found here.

Other important and related resources concerning restraining orders, abuse prevention, and domestic violence include:

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