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Small-Estate Affidavits


We frequently have patrons requesting small-estate affidavit forms (it was also a very popular request when I worked in Texas). Here are a few places you can find small-estate affidavit forms and information:

1) Check with the applicable circuit court’s website for the form and/or information on filing a small-estate affidavit. Our circuit court does not offer a small estate form, but they do provide information on filing an Affidavit of Claiming Successor, including the related statutes. Marion county’s circuit court does provide a small estate affidavit form, as do Deschutes and Clackamas (be sure to check your county’s circuit court website as I did not check every county).

2) A common referral for frequently-used forms is the Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Company. They sell Oregon-specific small-estate affidavit forms for both testate and intestate estates (in paper and electronic formats).

3) Check with your local county law library for the following resource: Oregon State Bar CLE (BarBook) Administering Oregon Estates (it provides sample forms for small-estate affidavits).

The Oregon State Bar’s public information website also has some information on probate and small estates.

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