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Teaching and Learning U.S. Law as a Second Language: Legal English


Are you an “English as a Second (or 3rd or 4th) Language” law student or lawyer?
Are you thinking about going abroad to teach U.S. law or legal research to foreign students or lawyers?

There are books for non-English speakers learning the Language of American and (UK) English Law. Some might even be e-books.

And there is lots of other information online. I used this as a starter search, limiting my search to recent results: teaching “legal english”

You can add to that the phrase “second language for different but related results.

Check libraries and bookstores for these and others teaching and learning resources:

1) “American Legal English, 2nd Edition: Using Language in Legal Contexts,” by Debra Suzette Lee, Charles Hall, and Susan Barone, 2007.

2) “International Legal English Teacher’s Book,” by Jeremy Day, 2011.

3) “International Legal English: a practical course book for speakers of English as a second language,” by Angela Williams, 2012.

4) “Introduction to International Legal English: A Course for Classroom or Self-Study Use,” by Amy Krois-Lindner and Matt Firth, 2009

5) “Professional English in Use – Law,” by Gillian D. Brown and Sally Rice, 2007

6) The TOLES (test of legal English skills) bookstore lists additional books for teachers of legal English.

7) This Carl Dowse blog post has additional references and lots of useful information.

You can also research TESL, CESL, ESOL, ILEC, and other certifications. See also Wikipedia article on English Language Learning and Teaching.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this blog is for research purposes only.  We do not provide legal advice, nor do we endorse any person, product, or company.

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