Oregon Attorney Fee Codebook and Compilation (2014)

From OSB: Oregon Attorney Fee Codebook and Compilation, Vols. 1 and 2

Oregon Attorney Fee Codebook, 2014 Edition
This handy spiral -bound volume includes Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure, Uniform Trial Court Rules, and Oregon Revised Statutes that govern attorney fees. The relevant ORS provisions are pulled from each of the 17 volumes of the statutes ….”

Oregon Attorney Fee Compilation, 2014 Edition
This handy spiral-bound companion to the Oregon Attorney Fee Codebook contains excerpts from 11 of the most recent OSB Legal Publications books….”

Link to OSB Legal Publications blog for more information.

Mandatory eCourt Filing in Oregon (selected counties)

Oregon Law Practice Management blog has lots of eCourt info and links:

Submitting Your First eCourt Filing

Are you eCourt Ready?

On December 1, 2014, eCourt will become mandatory for the eleven circuit courts that currently have the Oregon eCourt system, including the eFiling requirement….” [Read the whole post.]

CLEs: Oregon Legal Research and Adoption, Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction Law

Oregon lawyers and law librarians teach Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs (for little or no remuneration). Two upcoming programs from NBI:

1) I’m teaching one unit of this Legal Research CLE (NBI), that will be held in downtown Portland:

Find it Free and Fast on the Net: Strategies for Legal Research on the Web

2) Oregon attorneys are teaching this Adoption in Oregon CLE (NBI):

Adoption, Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction Law

The Oregon State Bar, Oregon Law Institute (OLI), Multnomah Bar Association (MBA), and other organizations also present CLEs for MCLE credit.

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Ambrogi LawSites Marathon: Brave New World of Legal Information Delivery!

If one, or more, of these posts at LawSites doesn’t rock your lawyer or law librarian world, you might want to rethink your career choice:

‘Hackcess’ Winners to Teach MIT Course on Access to Justice

Launching Today: ‘Legal Hero’ Provides Fixed-Fee Legal Help to Small Businesses

CourtListener Adds Oral Arguments to its Free Research Site (Free Law Project)

Another Site Offers ‘Instant’ Fixed-Fee Legal Advice

More Info on Avvo’s On-Demand, Fixed Fee Legal Advice Service

An Upgrade for Merriam-Webster’s Law Dictionary iOS App

Oregon Attorney Fee Codebook and Compilation, 2014

From OSB Legal Publications blog:

Available Now for Pre-order: Oregon Attorney Fee Codebook and Compilation, Vols. 1 and 2This two volume set will include Oregon Attorney Fee Codebook and Oregon Attorney Fee Compilation. Don’t miss out on the preorder discount. Order your copies today by visiting our online bookstore. You may also contact our order desk at (503) 431-6413, or toll-free in Oregon, 1-800-452-8260. Pre-order discount ends December 1, 2014.”

Tough Love in the Workplace: “Everyone who wants a call/chat with me must fill in an application”

I haven’t laughed this hard for a while – and I can’t say this Harvard Business Review blogger doesn’t offer *some* great advice. But I’m not so sure anyone below C or D level (C=Chutzpah, D=Dilbert) could carry off the “chat application” requirement without subordinates having a field day about it during happy hour:

From “Stop People From Wasting Your Time”:

Excerpt: “…. Force others to prepare. We all hope and expect that others will prepare for meetings with us. Surprisingly often, they don’t. Even when they’re requesting the meeting, they may have done very little research and waste our time with extremely basic questions they could have Googled. Instead, we need to force others to prepare in advance. “Force” is a harsh word, and that’s intentional ­— because it’s not burdensome for people who would have prepared anyway, yet it effectively weeds out the uncommitted. Debbie Horovitch, a specialist in Google+ Hangouts, has long offered complimentary initial strategy sessions, but realized that some people were taking advantage with irrelevant discussions.

She’s adopted a new policy: “Everyone who wants a call/chat with me must fill in an application” with specific questions about what will be discussed. “Now that I’ve set my boundaries and expectations of the people I work with, it’s much easier to identify the time wasters.” Similarly, when people request informational interviews with me, I’ve begun sending them a document with links to articles I’ve written about their area of interest (becoming a consultant or speaker, reinventing their careers, etc.) and asking them to get back in touch after they’ve read them to see what questions they still have. Most never get back to me, which is just as well ­— I only want to speak with people who are interested and committed….” [Link to full article.]

Oregon Lawyers: What is an “of Counsel” Relationship?

From the PLF Law Practice Management blog: “I Say Of Counsel You Say …” (posted 10/13/2014)

Of Counsel relationships remain a strong area of interest for lawyers who are drawn to the idea of creating a professional affiliation. In that quest, there are many misunderstandings about what an of counsel relationship is ….” [Link to LPM blog post.]