Oregon Innocence Project (and April 9th Benefit and Launch Party)

Oregon Innocence Project:

The Oregon Innocence Project (OIP) is a joint project of the Oregon Justice Resource Center (an independent nonprofit based out of Lewis & Clark Law School) and Metropolitan Public Defender whose mission is to (1) exonerate the innocent, (2) educate and train law students, and (3) promote legal reforms aimed at preventing wrongful convictions….” [Link to the OIP.]

The Oregon Innocence Project Launch and Benefit Party, April 9, 2014

Featured Speaker:
Barry Scheck, Co-founder and Co-Director of the national Innocence Project

Special Guests:
Exoneree and former NFL player Brian Banks
Secretary of State Kate Brown
The Honorable Paul De Muniz
Best selling author Phillip Margolin
Civil rights attorney Elden Rosenthal
Oregon State Rep. Jennifer Williamson


Oregon Legislative Sessions: General and Special, Past and Present

If you ever wondered (and I’m sure you have – ahem), if there was a legislative session in any given year, here are some handy-dandy lists, courtesy of the Secretary of State’s Oregon Blue Book:

Oregon Legislature, Chronology of Regular Sessions

Oregon Legislature, Chronology of Special Sessions

Idaho Enacts UELMA (Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act)

Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed S 1356, Idaho’s version of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act, on 26 March making Idaho the fifth state in our region, after California, Hawaii, Nevada and Oregon, to enact this uniform law.

Alaska, Utah and Wyoming might be next to introduce UELMA.

More information about UELMA and the states that have enacted versions of the uniform law.

When “The Law” Isn’t “The Law”: UELMA and the Oregon Revised Statutes

If you find a “law” on The Internet, doesn’t it mean it’s “The Law?” (hahaha)?

Not everything you read on the Internet is accurate. (I know! Hard to believe, but it’s true!)

Make sure the “law” you find online is accurate and know how to correct and update it if necessary.

Some states have enacted UELMA, Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act. Few have executed the act, but some are in the process.

Oregon’s UELMA is codified at ORS 192.715 et seq. (but does not include court documents, only statutes and regulations).

UELMA Session law: Oregon UELMA: Chapter 221, (2013 Laws): Effective date May 23, 2013

You can find its legislative history using OLIS at the Oregon Legislature’s website: Search 2013 HB 2944 (make sure you’re not in the current session’s default setting)

More about UELMA at these OLR blog posts.

How to Find the ORS “Sections Affected by Measures” (aka List of Sections Affected)

This example assumes you have a print set of the 2011 ORS and want to know which ORS sections changed in 2013.

You will need to locate the “Sections Affected by Measures” publication at the Legislature’s website.

You need to get to the right Session first. You can travel from the Legislature’s Bills and Laws homepage or for this example:

1) Shortcut to the 2013 Regular Session OLIS page.
2) From that 2013 Regular Session OLIS page, click on “Reports” for the dropdown menu (upper right)
3) From that “Reports” menu, click on “Daily and Cumulative Session Publications
4) You’ll see the “Sections Affected by Measures” document and others. Voila!

If you have a 2009 ORS, you can update with the 2011 “Sections Affected by Measures” document and a 2013 “Sections Affected by Measures” document.

But don’t forget to double-check those Special Sessions, just in case ….

Online Superseded Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)

The superseded ORSs are starting to reappear at the Legislature’s website:

a) 1999-2011 ORS

b) A backup source: Internet Archive resource (work in progress from the Oregon State Library): Historic Oregon Statutes

In time we hope to see the return of these to the Legislature’s website:

1) Superseded ORSs,1953-1997
2) Pre-2007 calendars and session laws
3) Lists of Sections Affected