Marijuana Workshop for Oregon (WA & CA) Local Governments: May 1, 2014

On Thursday, May 1, 2014, The League of Oregon Cities is presenting a marijuana workshop for local governments:

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. • DoubleTree by Hilton Portland (Lloyd Center)

• Learn what’s happening in Oregon related to medical marijuana
• Listen to local government officials discuss different approaches to regulation
• Hear from the U.S. Attorney’s Office
• Find out what Washington, Colorado and California have experienced with legalizing marijuana

Scheduled Speakers:
• Scott Kerin, assistant U.S. attorney
• Tom Burns, director of pharmaceutical purchasing at the Oregon Health Authority
• David Ris, Gresham city attorney
• Joshua Marquis, Clatsop County district attorney
• Glenn Klein, Eugene city attorney
• Sherilyn Lombos, Tualatin city manager
• Chief Rock Rakosi, Oregon Association Chiefs of Police
• Sean O’Day, general counsel, League of Oregon Cities
• Rob Bovett, legal counsel, Association of Oregon Counties
• Representatives from the California League of Cities,the Association of Washington Cities, the Washington Liquor Control Board and the Colorado Municipal League

City or County Officials: $95 • Other: $195 (includes lunch and parking)

Link to the LOC Marijuana Workshop PDF or the LOC homepage.

AirBnB: Homeowners, Tenants, Travelers, and the Law

The news that AirBnB plans to set up shop (NA headquarters?) in Portland, Oregon (and that cheers have gone up from people who previously had been wringing their hands about AirBnB) has us scratching our heads. Not that we don’t adore living in Portland, cheer on small businesses, embrace bartering, face the challenge of making ends meet, and all that, but ….

Portland, and lots of other cities, have been wrestling, quite publicly, with the AirBnB business model, which puts customer convenience and cost priorities at odds with local safety and zoning priorities, not to mention tax revenues from locally licensed hotels and traditional B&Bs.

We might blog more about this topic, or we might not since it’s clear there is no shortage of news, hand-wringing, and economic analysis in print and cyberspace on the subject, but I did just see this article at the ABA website. So, if you’ve missed out on the conversation – or are wondering when it’s time for the lawyers and politicians (and lobbyists) to start their engines, take a moment to read:

“Website raises legal questions about homeowners and tenants hosting travelers,” Apr 1, 2014, by Kevin Davi

King Lear Goes to Law School: Estate Planning, Distribution of Wealth, and the Art of Teaching

It’s definitely the Year of King Lear, with ghostly sightings, new theatre productions, creative interpretations, and now:

King Lear in Law School (from the Gallagher Blog)

Maybe you can read the article along with  book “Someday All This Will Be Yours: A History of Inheritance and Old Age,” by Hendrik Hartog

Lawyer Job Opening: People’s Legal “Reality” Show?

“LAW IN POPULAR CULTURE: Producers seek ‘everyday lawyer’ to host reality TV show,” Mar 10, 2014, by Victor Li

…. Now, Los Angeles-based production company GRB Entertainment is aiming to bring over a British legal show that gives regular people access to the justice system. GRB is producing an American version of the BBC television show The Legalizer, and is sorely in need of a lawyer who can serve as the host and face of the show. The host’s main duty will be to guide individuals through often difficult and confusing legal processes and discuss their legal options, so that they can stand up for their rights….” [Link to full ABA Journal news article.]

(Oh yes, I have lots to say about this, but sometimes the less said the better.)

Oregon Marijuana Business Law 101 (and CLE), Feb. 22, 2014

“The Oregon Cannabis Industry Association is hosting an informative seminar providing Oregon cannabis industry members, and those looking to enter the industry, with an opportunity to learn from professionals across the legal spectrum. Attorneys and professionals will cover basic business law, employment law, tax law and more. A representative from the Oregon Health Authority will be on hand to answer questions about the application process and rules for the upcoming state-licensed medical marijuana facilities.

Tickets are $150. (Approval for CLE credits pending for practicing Oregon attorneys.)….

Link to Oregon Cannabis Industry Association (OCIA) program webpage for more information.

Super Lawyer, Comic Book Heroine? Meet She-Hulk (cousin of Hulk)

The ABA Journal alerts us to a new comic book heroine who is a lawyer in “real life.” Maybe the comic will be as funny as the article and the Comments:

LAW IN POPULAR CULTURE: Meet She-Hulk, heroine of new comic book series who can bench-press a bus and runs her own law firm,” Feb 11, 2014, by Martha Neil.

Can’t wait to see what the Portland Mercury will do with Hulk’s she-cousin.