Volunteer with the Oregon Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline

Attorneys and other consumer law professionals: See the notice at the Oregon DOJ / AJ homepage.

“Are you interested in volunteering for DOJ? The Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers who personally field more than 30,000 calls a year. If you live in the Salem area and are interested in helping fellow Oregonians recover money from companies that break the law, please drop us a line at help@oregonconsumer.gov.”

Ambrogi LawSites Marathon: Brave New World of Legal Information Delivery!

If one, or more, of these posts at LawSites doesn’t rock your lawyer or law librarian world, you might want to rethink your career choice:

‘Hackcess’ Winners to Teach MIT Course on Access to Justice

Launching Today: ‘Legal Hero’ Provides Fixed-Fee Legal Help to Small Businesses

CourtListener Adds Oral Arguments to its Free Research Site (Free Law Project)

Another Site Offers ‘Instant’ Fixed-Fee Legal Advice

More Info on Avvo’s On-Demand, Fixed Fee Legal Advice Service

An Upgrade for Merriam-Webster’s Law Dictionary iOS App

Happy 9th Birthday Oregon Legal Research Blog

My first (and truly sad) Oregon Legal Research blog post was written 9 years ago – and this is post number 3,122. I’ve come a long way since then, with lots of help from co-workers, managers, and most of all, the fabulous Legal Information to the Public people at Tim Stanley’s Justia, who brought us out of the blogging dark ages, with technical, hosting, and moral support.

We need to start planning for a 10th birthday celebration!

The Law Decoded: Virginia (beta test)

A lot of “law & tech” endeavors often widen the gap between the legal haves and have-nots (think “digital dead end“), but this Law Decoded project (in progress) shows real promise, in addition to having a high cool factor, which never hurts. And even if it stalls, the intention, to make the law truly readable and “accessible” to all, should never be forgotten or lost in that legal-tech forest where you find a plethora of fancier A2J endeavors.

Discover the Code of Virginia: THE LAWS OF VIRGINIA, FOR NON-LAWYERS.

Virginia Decoded provides the Code of Virginia on one friendly website. Inline definitions, cross-references, bulk downloads, a modern API, and all of the niceties of modern website design. It’s like the expensive software lawyers use, but free and wonderful….” [Link to Virginia Decoded.]

Taste for Justice: Access to Justice Fundraiser for St. Andrew Legal Clinic

“Markowitz Herbold PC presents the Ninth Annual Taste for Justice benefiting St Andrew Legal Clinic, Thursday, October 30, 2014.

Join fellow lawyers and supporters for a lively evening celebrating the “taste” of fine vintage wines, craft beers, spirits from local distilleries and exceptional cuisine – all while raising funds to support the important work of St. Andrew Legal Clinic. Don’t miss this special evening.

Reserve your tickets at 503.281.1500 x 324 or online at Taste for Justice dot org.”

Transgender Rights under the U.S. Civil Rights Act: Mia Macy, Portland, OR, 10/16/14

Mia Macy, paralegal student, will be addressing the Portland, Oregon, PCC Cascade Campus at Moriarty Auditorium from 4 – 5:30pm on October 16, 2014.

She will talk about her experience in an administrative proceeding with the US DOJ regarding transgender rights under the Civil Rights Act. Her case resulted in an opinion finding that the Act protected such rights, and ultimately an executive order signed by President Obama on this issue.

Macy v. Holder, 2012 EEOC case: direct PDF or link to the case from the PCC Paralegal homepage

Oregon Death with Dignity Law in Action

Terminally Ill 29-Year-Old Woman: Why I’m Choosing to Die on My Own Terms,” by Nicole Weisensee Egan, 10/6/14, People dot com

“…. After researching all her options after her diagnosis, Maynard, who was living in San Francisco at the time, decided aid in dying was her best option.

Her entire family moved with her to Portland earlier this year so she could have access to Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, which has been in place since late 1997. Since then, 1,173 people have had prescriptions written under the act, and 752 have used them to die.

Four other states – Washington, Montana, Vermont and New Mexico – have authorized aid in dying. Compassion & Choices has campaigns in place in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey….” [Link to full People dot com story.]

Oregon Health Authority, Death with Dignity Act, law, report, FAQ.